3 Creative IT Hacks Every Computer Owner Should Know

When it comes to being computer savvy, not everyone is going to be a computer whiz. Fortunately, there are some helpful things you can learn from those who do spend their time working the digital landscape that can help you overcome some common issues on your home or office computer. Whether you lost a file or need to schedule a task, these tips can help.  Learn the Command Line That strange looking blinking C:// isn't just there for show; it's the command line, and you can tell your computer what to do if you understand how to.

Are You Fully Protecting All Of Your Company's Sensitive Data?

When computer technology became integrated into the world of business, so did opportunities for dishonest hackers and identity thieves. While most company owners take steps to shred documents and wipe computer hard drives for protecting their company's and their customer's personal data, many owners are not aware of the data breach waiting to happen in their office digital copiers. See how you can protect the data that is in digital copier hard drives.

3 Home Security Tips for Renters

Did you know that people who live in apartments, condos, and other rental properties are among the top targets for robbers? Rental properties make good targets for robbers because the residents in those properties move more often than homeowners, and therefore the neighbors are less likely to notice someone who doesn't belong there. If you happen to be a single parent in a rental unit, you're at even more risk, as single parents (especially mothers) are also high on the list of home invasion targets.