Multi-Site Mobile Company Reporting App — Useful Search Tips To Utilize

If you have multiple websites that you need to manage for your company, it helps to utilize mobile reporting software. Then anywhere on the go, you'll be able to analyze key metrics — such as daily traffic and feedback from customers. To find the perfect app that you love using for the foreseeable future, here are some search tips to remain cognizant of.

Make Sure There Are Ample Collaboration Tools For Your Staff 

Something you need to remember about a multi-site mobile company reporting app is your employees will need to use it too. They may have key roles with your company's website, so they need to see performance metrics at the appropriate intervals.

As such, it will help out a ton to get a reporting app that comes with plenty of collaboration tools. Then you can work together with your staff under one mobile platform that's easy for everyone to use.

For instance, you can get a reporting app with a chat feature that lets you directly message any employee on the app as well. Or you might look for apps that make it easy to share data modules once they become available on the app. 

Experiment With Different Apps Using Free Trials

If you find a couple of good options for multi-site reporting on the go, then you may want to test each app out. You can then see exactly how they perform for your company's websites in real time, making it easier to decide on something confidently.

You should have access to free trial periods too, so you don't have to spend anything to review each app's capabilities. Then it's just a matter of finding an app that you can use with ease and gain meaningful insights about your company's websites. 

Make Sure Embedded Support is Available

Once you compile data that details how your company's multiple websites are doing, you may need to include them on various platforms. It might be things like your website and social media pages for instance.

You can do this with ease if you find a reporting app that includes embedded support. All you should have to do is copy an embedded code for a data set and then paste it into the appropriate editor box. Your website data will then become available for relevant parties to see.

If you want to better manage multiple company websites, you can use a multi-site mobile company reporting app. As long as it complies with your preferences and website operations, this app will make it easy to see relevant data at the right times.

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