6 Ways To Prevent Break-Ins At Your Business

It can be scary to learn that there has been an uptick in break-ins at businesses in your area. You can't be at your business 24 hours a day, and you know that a break-in will cost you time, money, and peace of mind. Luckily, there are specific things you can do to greatly reduce the chances of a break-in at your business premises. Here are six ways to proactively prevent break-ins at your business:

Install an Alarm Control System

An alarm control system through a place like Videotec Corporation, is a security system that requires a code to disable and that sets off a loud alarm and notifies the appropriate authorities if someone does attempt to break in. If you have an older alarm system, you may be amazed by the advances of more modern alarm control systems. Most security systems now incorporate remote technology so you can view, activate, or disable your alarm system from anywhere via a smartphone app.

Add Exterior Security Cameras

Exterior cameras are also very important to preventing break-ins. Most potential criminals will notice your cameras and move on to a less protected business or home in the area. Security cameras can be integrated into your alarm control system so you can monitor them remotely and see what is happening in real time if someone does break in. Security camera footage can also be used to identify burglars, anyone who attempts to break in or vandalize your property, and can aid the police and court system when it's time to arrest and prosecute them.

Keep Your Exterior Well-Lit and Tidy

If given the choice, most burglars will take their chances with a poorly lit, unkempt, neglected-looking business because there is less chance of an alarm system or a vigilant business owner, as well as less chance of being spotted while breaking in. Keeping your business exterior brightly lit and also clean and maintained with nice landscaping signals "not worth the trouble" to most criminals. Motion-sensing LED flood lights are an energy-efficient yet effective option for bright exterior lighting.

Have Graffiti and Vandalism Cleaned Up Immediately

Some business owners think that graffiti and minor vandalism isn't that serious of an issue since it doesn't involve actual theft, and they put off having it cleaned up because of the expense and time involved. This is not the best approach, however, since leaving your business covered in graffiti, cracked windows, etc only signals to local criminals that you are an uninvolved business owner who doesn't pay that much attention. This makes your business appear more vulnerable and more appealing to anyone looking for a burglary opportunity.

Consider Upgrading Your Doors and Windows

If you have the budget, upgrading old, flimsy doors and windows to something much more sturdy is a great way to protect your business. Heavy-duty security glass and security doors require special tools and a whole lot of effort to break into, making your business a much less appealing prospect to crooks.

Keep in Touch with Your Neighbors

Being actively engaged in your neighborhood can also prevent crime because neighbors (and especially fellow business owners in your area) tend to look out for each other and warn each other about suspicious activity. Make a point of getting to know your neighbors both in person and through online networking. Apps like Nextdoor and neighborhood-specific Facebook groups dedicated to your exact neighborhood are great ways to get to know your neighbors better and get up-to-date notifications about suspicious activity and crimes.

Being vigilant about protecting your business from break-ins and other crime will give you greater peace of mind and potentially save you money down the road.