Common Mistakes New Operators Tend To Make With Their First Drone

With the ready availability of small camera technology and advancements in remote-controlled flying creations, pretty much everyone has access to a flying drone to shoot amazing video footage from the air. While anyone can go online and pick up a drone, flying these things successfully often times turns out to be far more complicated than expected. If you want to get into drone flying and aerial camera usage, the fact is, you will need a little guidance. Check out these common mistakes new operators tend to make with their first drone and how you can work to avoid them. 

Mistake: Being too cautious during takeoff and not supplying enough throttle power. 

Why? You have this shiny new drone, you have read the instructions, and you are ready to take your first flight. Unfortunately, the apprehension you have about damaging your drone during takeoff can lead you to making this huge mistake. If you are too easy on the throttle during takeoff, you will never get the drone successfully off of the ground. This is because of the air pressure that flows heavily between the ground and the drone during flight. 

Mistake: Flying beyond the parameters of the remaining battery life. 

Why? A good quality drone has an ample power supply that has the ability to hold charge for a while. However, when you are just getting used to flying your drone, take only short trips so you can get used to how much battery power will get you a certain distance. You don't want to fly your drone several hundred feet away, start the return flight, and then realize you have nowhere near enough battery power to get the drone safely back to you. 

Mistake: Not paying enough attention to small, hard to see obstacles. 

Why? There are a lot of things that can get in the way of your drone and send it crashing back to the ground, such as small power lines, wispy branches, and even birds. Never fly your drone beyond a point where you cannot see these small obstacles. 

At the end of the day, flying a drone for the first time may seem difficult, but will be well worth the time and effort once you gain a little experience. If you would like to know more about flying your drone successfully, reach out to a drone training center that offers lessons where new users can learn how to use a drone.